Your Migration Project Has a 16 Percent Chance of Success

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Your Migration Project Has a 16 Percent Chance of Success

I just read a scary paper by Bloor Research on migration. Not to put the kibosh on migration projects, but did you know that the success rate, defined as on time and on budget, is 16 percent? Not very good odds.

If you are involved in a project, current or upcoming, I can scare you even more.

  • 64 percent of all data migration projects were delivered late
  • 37 percent were over budget
  • Where there were time overruns, these averaged in excess of 40 percent of the total budgeted time
  • Where there were cost overruns, these averaged in excess of 30 percent of the total budget

The survey respondents blamed both the time and budget issues on poor scoping. Half who went over budget, and more than two thirds who overran their timescales, blamed it on scoping. In other words, they went into the project with blinders on, resulting in one or more failed project outcomes.

To properly scope, you need to understand what’s in the content you are migrating. We call this intelligent migration.

Again, referring to the survey, most do not use profiling tools, and those who use them don’t usually understand how to use them effectively. You need an easy-to-use tool, which is also fast, and of course it would help if you understood how to use it properly.

Also, migration is an ideal time to get rid of the garbage content. Try it, you’ll like it. With migration projects having a 16 percent success rate, anyone participating needs a tool that ensures they are on time and on budget.

Have you used a tool for migration? Did it help?

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