Over 90 Years Combined Experience in Knowledge Management

Concept Searching’s executive team uniquely combines talented and experienced professionals with a proven history of success delivering advanced software technology solutions. A rare mix of business expertise and technical innovation, the team provides the framework to successfully sustain rapid growth in support of customers worldwide.


John Challis

John Challis – CEO/CTO

John Challis is an experienced entrepreneur having had success with several previous ventures involving the management of unstructured data. In 1990 he founded Imagesolve International which quickly became the UK’s leading supplier of Document Image Processing and Workflow products.

John then launched ImageFirst Office for BancTec in the USA in 1995 closing over $5m new business in the first 12 months. Prior to Concept Searching he was CTO at Smartlogik; the company behind the world’s first Probabilistic search engine. He is the originator of the
company’s compound term processing technology and is the driving force behind the product strategy.


Martin Garland

Martin Garland – President

Martin Garland, one of the founders, has over 21 years’ experience in search, classification and Enterprise Content Management within the broader information management industry. His keen understanding of the information management landscape and his business acumen provide a solid foundation for guiding organizations to achieve their business objectives using best practices, industry experience, and technology. Martin’s expertise has been instrumental in assisting multi-national clients in diverse industries to understand the value of managing unstructured content to improve business processes. He has focused on sales, marketing and general management, and has expertise in both start-up and turnaround operations throughout Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific.


Paul Billingham

Paul Billingham – Sales Director – Europe

Paul Billingham has been in sales for over 20 years working primarily within the Document Management and Workflow industry. He has a technical background, which is a major benefit when selling complex technology through a partner channel.
Previously the top salesman at both Imagesolve International and SNS Europe, Paul now manages the UK and European operations of Concept Searching where the focus is on selling through Systems Integrators and OEM partners.



Carla Mulley

Carla Mulley – Vice President Marketing

Carla began her career at IBM and has specialized in marketing high technology software and services. Bringing extensive experience from a career that includes senior management positions in marketing and sales, Carla oversees all the company’s marketing operations.
Carla’s expertise includes developing results oriented strategic and tactical marketing initiatives and the creation of new vertical and horizontal markets for technology solutions.



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