Welcome Government Communications Security Bureau

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Welcome Government Communications Security Bureau

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) has rolled out conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow integrated with SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search to support the Intelligence service within New Zealand.

The increased spotlight on intelligence agencies in the past few years has highlighted the constant need for Governments to be supplied with accurate and timely information which enables them to make the best decisions possible. The GCSB contributes to the security of New Zealand through the provision of timely foreign intelligence to Government and assisting Government departments and agencies to protect their electronic information resources and communications systems.

Said Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching, “We are particularly excited about being a part of this program. Concept Searching’s technology platform has been deployed within the US Department of Defence since 2005, and this successful deployment adds to an increasing number of deployments in the Defence and Intelligence sector in the US, UK and now New Zealand.” He continued, “the initial award followed a comprehensive review of available technologies, including one based in New Zealand, has again proven Concept Searching’s clear leadership in the delivery of metadata generation, auto-classification and taxonomy management solutions within the SharePoint eco system.”

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