Solve Records Management Challenges in Weeks Not Years In collaboration with Collabware

Learn how one of our clients with 72,000 SharePoint site collections, and 5,300 retention codes has eliminated end user tagging for over 80,000 business users. Join Concept Searching and CEO of Collabware, Graham Sibley and find out how in this informative webinar.

Learn how to address Records Management challenges in SharePoint or Office 365. conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptClassifier for Office 365 work with your existing records management application to automatically declare and route documents of records, eliminating the need for end user tagging. Simple to deploy and manage.

What we will cover:

  • How to secure confidential documents, restrict access, and automatically apply metadata tags
  • Learn why you don’t want to use Office 365 as a records repository but why you do want to address records declaration in the cloud
  • Understand the core technology differentiator in conceptClassifier for SharePoint and why it is still unique in the market after twelve years
  • Discover how you can solve the problem of end user tagging in weeks not years and manage it by IT or business users, with little training
  • How automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy tools that natively integrate with the Term Store can eliminate end user tagging
  • See how these products simplify the management of compliance for Records Managers and enable them to act quickly to government and industry compliance mandates
  • Gain an understanding of how conceptClassifier for SharePoint is being used to deploy an enterprise metadata framework that improves search, data privacy and security, text analytics, litigation support, eDiscovery and FOIA, and social content delivery
  • Find out how conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, a companion product, assists in automating any business process or application that uses metadata
  • Hear real life case studies of how clients have deployed the products, integrated with SharePoint Records Management, or commercial Records Management applications

Who should attend:
Records Managers, Compliance Officers, Legal, CEO, CIO, HR

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