SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market Survey Results Webinar

Using data from Concept Searching’s fourth annual state of the market survey, this webinar presents an engaging and thought-provoking bird’s-eye view of projects your SharePoint and Office 365 colleagues are working on, their priorities and future initiatives, and what’s been put on the back burner.

What did the survey respondents tell us?

  • Hybrid search is perceived as a nice-to-have feature, but not something organizations will be using to address their priority of improving search.
  • Collaboration is this year’s must-have, while text analytics and social business applications are at the bottom of the priority list.
  • Enterprise search and content lifecycle management have become high priorities, yet 91% of organizations still perform manual tagging.
  • Critical business applications, such as records management, enterprise metadata management, eDiscovery, and security, are most often managed on-premises.
  • Security is still the primary concern, but its importance has decreased from 59% last year to 40% this year.

Speaker: Carla Mulley – Vice President of Marketing at Concept Searching

Access the presentation slides here.

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