The Nuts and Bolts of Metadata Tagging and Taxonomies Made Easy Webinar

Taxonomies are often thought of as hard to use and needing specialized applications or IT skills. Not so with Concept Searching’s unique technologies.

See how taxonomies, auto-classification, and multi-term metadata generation unburden the IT team, eliminate end user tagging, and empower business users.

Understand the return on investment from an effective infrastructure solution for search, security, compliance, eDiscovery, records management, knowledge management, collaboration, and migration activities.

  • Learn how our solution can meet either one challenge or several, and see how it works with different applications
  • Watch multi-term metadata being automatically generated
  • See how easy it is to use unique taxonomy tools and interactive features, such as clue suggestion, instant feedback, and assigning weights to terms
  • Discover the value of dynamic screen updating to immediately see the impact of taxonomy changes
  • View how document movement feedback enables you to see the cause and effect of changes without re-indexing

Speaker: Michael Paye – Chief Technology Officer at Concept Searching

Access the presentation slides here.

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