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Why Most Migration Projects Fail – Don’t Be a Statistic Webinar

Did you know that most migration projects run over budget or, even worse, fail? This webinar discusses the potential problems and how to address them.

The ability to mass move content is relatively straight forward but, from an information governance view, simply moving documents from one repository is not enough. Content that was unmanaged will remain unmanaged, continuing to expose organizations to risk.

Understand the sophisticated techniques needed to ensure compliance and records management objectives are met, during the migration process:

  • The difference between migration and intelligent migration, and why it matters
  • How intelligent migration facilitates the entire migration process
  • Why compliance and governance go hand in hand with intelligent migration
  • What content optimization is, and why is it a critical component of intelligent migration
  • Why intelligent migration dramatically improves search

Michael Paye – Chief Technology Officer at Concept Searching
Robert Piddocke – Vice President of Channel and Business Development

Access the presentation slides here.

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