Metadata Matters: Business Critical Metadata moderated by Martin Garland, President Concept Searching and Special Guest Doug Miles, AIIM

Sponsored by Concept Searching with special guest speaker Doug Miles, Director Market Intelligence, AIIM

Join us as we launch our 2015 webinar series, ‘Metadata Matters’, with Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching, and expert guest speaker Doug Miles, Director of Market Intelligence at AIIM, as they explore the state of the market for unstructured content. Find out what your peers are doing, what’s on the horizon, and how other organizations are tackling and solving many of the same metadata challenges that you face.

Unstructured data is both a liability and an opportunity. With the uncontrollable rate of unstructured content growth, organizations are beginning to realize that the time has come to proactively manage content from inception to disposal. The real problem that disruptively impacts the management of unstructured data is metadata. This informative webinar will discuss the factors that prevent and enable organizations to leverage metadata to improve the bottom line.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Are organizations living with or fixing the problem of metadata, and what is Business Critical Metadata?
  • What are the biggest challenges your peers are facing in applications such as enterprise search, records management, security, migration, content management, collaboration, social tagging, and text analytics?
  • Has the cloud become a debilitating factor when managing metadata?
  • How is Microsoft changing the role of SharePoint, and what’s the impact of Office 365, and OneDrive for Business in managing content as an integrated enterprise asset?
  • What are sound strategies that successful organizations use?
  • Why adding structure and application functionality with metadata assists in identifying and achieving business value
  • When evaluating vendors and tools, what are some of the questions you should ask?
  • Hear case studies on how organizations have solved their challenges from an enterprise and a departmental level

This webinar will be engaging, insightful, and educational. If you have questions, please submit them when you register, and we will address them during the webinar.

Audience: Business process owners, Records Management, Legal, H/R, SharePoint Architects, SharePoint Administrators, Office 365 and/or One Drive for Business administrators, Security Professionals, Content Management Professionals, Social Business, Business Analysts, CIO, CTO

About Doug Miles:
Mr. Miles has over 25 years’ experience of working with users and vendors across a broad spectrum of IT applications. He was an early pioneer of document management systems for business and engineering applications, and has most recently produced a number of AIIM survey reports on issues and drivers for ECM, Capture, Records Management, SharePoint and Social Business/Enterprise 2.0.

About Martin Garland:
Martin Garland has over 21 years’ experience in search, classification and Enterprise Content Management within the broader information management industry. His keen understanding of the information management landscape and his business acumen provide a solid foundation for guiding organizations to achieve their business objectives using best practices, industry experience, and technology. One of the founders of Concept Searching, Martin is responsible for both business strategy and North American and International operations.

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