Metadata Matters: External Self-serve Portal at Moffitt Cancer Center

Sponsored by Concept Searching with special guest speaker David Stringfellow, Manager Portal and Web Technologies,  Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt Cancer Center is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. This informative webinar will provide details on how its online patient portal was developed and deployed using conceptClassifier and FAST search. David Stringfellow, Manager of Portal and Web Technologies at Moffitt Cancer Center, will be the guest speaker, sharing his first-hand experience of the project.

Not healthcare, so not interested? Any organization that provides self-serve applications or customizes the delivery of external information based on what is known about the user could benefit from this webinar. It will explore how using semantic metadata significantly improves both search results and end user experience.

Moffitt Cancer Center and Concept Searching will discuss:

  • Why and how the technologies were used
  • How ease of use was ensured, to accommodate all demographics and ages
  • The integration of information from internal systems, government sources, and reliable third party sources
  • Security issues that needed to be addressed to meet compliance requirements
  • How the challenge of providing individual patients with the information most relevant to their specific health situation was solved, while ensuring the information was accurate, medically sound, and secure
  • The results delivered by the portal and how it is managed

This webinar will be engaging, insightful, and educational.

Audience: SharePoint Architects and Administrators, Office 365 and One Drive for Business Administrators, and Security, Marketing, and Social Media Professionals

Please access the presentation here.

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