Just the Facts: Auto-classification and Taxonomy Webinar With Special Guest Doug Miles, AIIM

Sponsored by Concept Searching, with special guest host, Doug Miles, Director Market Intelligence at AIIM

Somewhat befuddled by all the recent hype about auto-classification? Not really sure if an archaic taxonomy will solve your content management challenges? Many organizations want auto-classification but don’t know which way to turn. We can help. This informative and educational webinar will walk you through the ins and outs of classification and taxonomies.

Based on recent AIIM white paper, co-sponsored by Concept Searching, Doug Miles, Director Market Intelligence, will provide the introduction to the webinar. The white paper highlighted the need for organizations to gain a better understanding of auto-classification and taxonomy technologies. This webinar will be presented as an educational webinar, not focused on products.

Auto-classification and taxonomies are great for IT and great for business, if you select the right technology and understand the pros and cons.

Join us as we discuss these topics:

  • What is auto-classification?
    • Components of auto-classification
    • Types of classification technologies
  • Why do you need auto-classification?
  • Implications on compliance and business applications – search, records management, security, migration, text analytics, eDiscovery
  • On-Premise, in the cloud, or both?
  • Best practices for managing, deployment, and maintenance from an IT perspective
  • The role of management and the business users
  • Question to ask when looking for a vendor
  • What about metadata and taxonomies?
  • Walk through a scenario where metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomies can fill the gaps using records management as an example

Audience: System Administrators, Architects, Business Process Owners (search, records management, security, legal, H/R, business analysts)

To download the presentation, click here.

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