How To Implement Content Intelligence Within Your Organization

What if you could not only search and discover, but also analyze, visualize and apply artificial intelligence to a normalized set of all structured and unstructured content within your organization, securely and in near real time?

Concept Searching, C/D/H, and Microsoft have partnered to bring you a global, cross-industry content intelligence solution to deliver an unprecedented, unified view of all content, which your organization can rely on to grow and thrive.

Most organizations typically take twelve months or more to implement. We typically implement in two months – from scratch and hyper-agile.

This short How To webinar demonstrates our global cross-industry content intelligence solution which delivers an unprecedented and unified view of all content within your organization.

  • Fast – Find everything within your organization within three seconds
  • Secure – Returns only results each person already has access to
  • Normalized – based on a corporate governed nomenclature map
  • Search – Concepts, compound terms, ranges, and normalized semantics
  • Content – Both structured and unstructured
  • Sources – From file shares, LOB systems, databases, websites
  • Visualized – Full preview of all types of content for visual detection
  • Organized – Refinement based on corporate taxonomy
  • Analyzed – Applied artificial intelligence for predictive analytics


Concept Searching