How to Get Enterprise Search Right Webinar in Conjunction with COMPU-DATA International

Sponsored by Concept Searching and COMPU-DATA International, LLC.

Organizations are beginning to recognize that search is not a stand-alone technology or application, but must be integrated with business processes and corporate objectives as a key infrastructure component.

Why? Providing enriched metadata to the search engine index significantly improves search applications, eDiscovery, FOIA requests, and collaboration.
In this webinar Juan Celaya, CEO at COMPU-DATA International, and Concept Searching demonstrate their combined offering that uses unique, language independent technology and integrated enterprise metadata repository management, to deliver intelligent metadata enabled search.

What you will learn about during this session:

  • How our innovative technology delivers both high precision and high recall, using industry unique compound term processing
  • How to accomplish federated search as content is created or ingested
  • How to enable true concept based searching
  • How to eliminate end user tagging
  • How to integrate the combined solution with any search engine including SharePoint, the former FAST products, Google Search Appliance, IBM Vivisimo, and Solr
  • How the combined solution can be extended to address records identification, protection of privacy information, migration, and text analytics with the same technology
  • Benefit from industry-specific use cases:
    • Developing a powerful search solution for the US Army, creating easy access to millions of records, with an integrated solution to consolidate many data sources, accessing high volumes of data
    • Solving search, migration, records management, and data privacy challenges to manage the intranet for a global company which designs, manufactures, and distributes appliances to more than 70 countries

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