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Healthcare at a Crossroads – A New Solution to an Old Problem Webinar

Unstructured content often contains the missing link to improving a patient’s health prognosis and future care, yet can remain inaccessible to healthcare professionals, and is rarely integrated into existing systems.

See a radically new approach to improving patient care and decision making. Learn how to improve organizational performance and patient care, by accessing unstructured content, such as notes, free-form text, and images.

Understand how to integrate all applications into one menu-driven interface, for easy access to content, regardless of where it resides, and the ability to use the combined data for effective analysis.

  • Improve decision making with a holistic view of information, from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Understand how to use any tool, from a spreadsheet to artificial intelligence, to manipulate assets and find the answers you need
  • Improve outcomes from clinical trials, research, and knowledge asset reuse and repurposing
  • Watch how concept-based searching eliminates poor information transparency and retrieval


Steve Mann – Vice President of Sales at Concept Searching
Steve Smith – Principal Consultant

Access the presentation slides here.

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