Managing the Term Store and Auto-Classification in SharePoint In collaboration with Collabware

53% of Organizations Rely on Manual Compliance – Learn How to Automate with SharePoint

According to AIIM, 53% of organizations still rely on manual record keeping processes and those that have automated processes won’t achieve an ROI for 6-7 years. How does this impact your organization? Non-compliance with industry and government mandates, data security breaches, and eDiscovery and litigation costs to name a few.

In this webinar Collabware and Concept Searching will discuss practical and effective approaches for governance and compliance through the automatic identification and classification of content and automation of policies for complete content lifecycle management in SharePoint.

What you will learn about during this session:

  • How to secure confidential documents, restrict access, and automatically apply metadata tags
  • Eliminate end user tagging and replace with rich conceptual metadata as well as organizationally defined descriptors
  • Simplify the management of compliance and records for Records Managers
  • Identify relevant content to lower eDiscovery and litigation costs
  • Adapt quickly to government and industry compliance mandates

Who should attend:

Records Managers, Compliance Officers, Legal, CEO, CIO, HR

Graham Sibley, CEO at Collabware
Ken Lemons, DoD Business Development Manager at Concept Searching
John Challis, Founder and CEO at Concept Searching

To download the presentation, click here.


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