Getting Knowledge Transfer Right Enterprise Wide Webinar In collaboration with Discovery Machine, Inc.

Successful artificial intelligence enables organizations to capture the thought process of top performers and deploy it as a virtual coach. Combining artificial intelligence with expert knowledge, metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management delivers great knowledge transfer.

In this webinar Discovery Machine and Concept Searching will demonstrate how their combined offering enables enterprises to establish an effective information framework by enhancing access to corporate knowledge sources with artificial intelligence.

Join us to find out more about how the solution can save your organization both time and money, while increasing accuracy and consistency of corporate knowledge access.

What you will learn about during this session:

  • Capturing enterprise knowledge and deploying subject matter expertise as a virtual coach
  • Effective content identification and classification, regardless of content location in the enterprise
  • Eliminating the error and cost burdens of identification and management of records
  • Documenting knowledge in the context of business process to create tangible knowledge assets
  • Increasing the quality of information for decision making
  • Automatic migration of content driven by classification of metadata


  • Todd Griffith, CTO and Co-Founder at Discovery Machine
  • Ken Lemons, Vice President Federal Programs at Concept Searching
  • John Challis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Concept Searching

To download the presentation, click here.

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