Reduce Your Taxonomy Deployment Time from Months to Weeks in Conjunction with Wand Inc

Sponsored by Concept Searching and WAND, Inc.

Concept Searching, developer of automatic semantic metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, has teamed with WAND, developer of industry and business function specific foundation taxonomies, to make developing, deploying, and using taxonomies simple.

Clients deploying the combined solution will immediately be able to take advantage of Concept Searching’s unique multi-word concept identification capabilities to rapidly classify unstructured and semi-structured content, aligned with organizational goals and eliminating end user tagging. This drives improved outcomes in search transparency, information governance, and collaboration across the enterprise, and further refines taxonomies and the SharePoint Term Store.

Concept Searching’s technologies are still the only solutions that deliver automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and powerful taxonomy tools running natively in all versions of SharePoint and SharePoint Online. They are available in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, as well as in non-SharePoint and heterogeneous environments.

Designed to be used by Subject Matter Experts, the taxonomy component of the conceptClassifier for SharePoint platform delivers a cost effective solution that can be deployed by any organization, regardless of size. The solution eliminates the majority of costs and human resources, either in-house or consultancy, typically needed to develop and deploy a content management solution based on one or more taxonomies.

This webinar will explain how to get an organization’s content structured in two to three weeks, increasing productivity and immediately generating return on investment. Expert speakers will discuss how to leverage an enterprise metadata repository to improve content management, search, records management, data privacy and security, migration, eDiscovery, and text analytics.

Access the Reduce Your Taxonomy Deployment Time from Months to Weeks presentation.

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