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Eliminate the 49% of Documents that Contain Data Breaches Webinar

Security tools don’t help when they work after the fact. Proactive identification of standard descriptors and confidential information must occur as content is created or ingested. Tough job? No, not really, as this webinar explains.

It takes only one vulnerability to cause a breach. 68% of all data breaches are caused internally. And 49% of SharePoint organizations have experienced at least one breach. There can be significant repercussions from data that has been exposed, ranging from hefty fines to irreparable brand damage.

Identifying and protecting data before breaches occur is the only way you can be certain that your content is protected. Most organizations are unprepared for this type of attack. Make sure yours is not one of them by understanding the issues and how to address them

  • The big picture of security challenges – what’s hot with cyber criminals, and what’s not
  • Data breach targets, such as email, mobile, shadow IT, collaboration, and provisioning
  • Security risks and how to resolve them
  • Your security checklist
  • Benefits of a proactive approach
  • How not to get hacked


John Challis – Chief Executive Officer at Concept Searching
Carla Mulley – Vice President of Marketing at Concept Searching

Access the presentation slides here.

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