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ECM or CLM? A Fight to the Finish Webinar

This insightful webinar discusses the pros and cons of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Content Lifecycle Management (CLM).

We explore the content management revolution, and why using metadata as the core infrastructure will accomplish effective CLM and overcome the current boundaries of ECM operation.

There is a difference between these solutions, and your organization should be ready to leverage your technology investment, by understanding:

  • The difference between ECM and CLM, and why it matters
  • How CLM addresses compliance, governance, and records management
  • How and why you should set up CLM as an infrastructure framework
  • How to remove end users from the process of content management, to eliminate errors and rework


Steve Mann –Vice President of Sales at Concept Searching
Carla Mulley – Vice President of Marketing at Concept Searching

Access the presentation slides here.

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