Discovery, Risk, and Insight in a Metadata-Driven World

Discovery, risk, and insight mean something different to every organization, even at different locations within the same company.

Do you find answers by trial and error? Do you stumble across information, or find it when it is too late to make good use of it? In this session Concept Searching and technology partner, Netwrix, give a detailed view of risk mitigation for data security, compliance, and operational intelligence.

With the combination of the conceptClassifier platform and Netwrix Auditor, see firsthand the automatic generation and use of semantic metadata. The overview of this state-of-the-art solution shows how to proactively prepare to mitigate risk, regardless of where or why it occurs.

Robert Piddocke – Vice President of Channel and Business Development at Concept Searching
Ilia Sotnikov – Vice President of Product Management at Netwrix
Jeff Melnick – Manager of Sales Engineering at Netwrix

Access the presentation slides here.

Concept Searching