Data Breaches and Security Rights in SharePoint Webinar in Conjunction with CipherPoint

Data Breaches and Security Rights in SharePoint Webinar in Conjunction with CipherPoint

Sponsored by Concept Searching and CipherPoint.

70% of all security breaches are due to an organization’s own staff.  Find out  how not to become a statistic. Security is increasingly becoming a significant challenge, regarding how unstructured and semi-structured content is protected, and also the security rights of the individuals within the organization that need to be given or denied rights to organizational assets.

This Concept Searching and CipherPoint webinar focuses on all aspects of security in a SharePoint environment, using native SharePoint tools, conceptClassifier for SharePoint, and CipherPoint’s Eclipse suite of security tools. Coby Royer, Director of Product Management is an expert on SharePoint and Office 365 and shares his expertise on the challenges and best practices to ensure a secure, compliant environment.

How do the products work with privacy and confidential content? The products identify unknown security or confidential exposures in real-time from diverse repositories. Identification of not only standard descriptors but also organizationally defined vocabulary can also be identified. Once identified they are routed to a repository and removed from unauthorized access and portability.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Rapidly changing challenges in data privacy, protecting confidential information, and the increase in cyber security threats threats – How these issues impact your organization, escalate risk, and the resulting high cost of remediation fines and breaches
  • Why your security products may not be protecting you
  • Discover how automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification and native Term Store integration can be used in security processes
  • Find out how other organizations are successfully using conceptClassifier for SharePoint to address security issues
  • Learn how to automatically identify unknown security or data privacy information and secure it from unauthorized access and portability in SharePoint
  • Leverage your SharePoint technology investment through native integration with Term Store and the taxonomy component in conceptClassifier for SharePoint
  • Hear real-life case studies of clients who have deployed conceptClassifier for SharePoint to solve security issues and the results

To download the presentation, click here.