Compliance in Office 365 – What You Should Know

The same precautions that are taken in an on-premise environment to ensure compliance and information governance are equally important in the cloud. Office 365 / Microsoft Online poses the same challenges as SharePoint on-premise, and organizations need to proactively manage information in the cloud the same way.

Many organizations are ignoring this issue simply because they view Office 365 as a collaboration venue and don’t equate it with facing the same business risks and challenges as SharePoint. This webinar covers the ins and outs of compliance using Office 365 in conjunction with conceptClassifier for Office 365. Understand why records, security breaches, migration issues, search, collaboration, social tagging, and eDiscovery and litigation support, are equal if not more important in the cloud than on-premise.

What you will take away:

  • Understand the issues in Office 365 regarding compliance and overall information governance
  • Learn how an integrated enterprise approach including SharePoint on-premise and Office 365 can be achieved, and why it is important
  • See live demos on how conceptClassifier for Office 365 addresses records identification, security, search, collaboration, and social content in the cloud and why ignoring these challenges can result in unnecessary risks, costs, and non-compliance
  • Hear a real-life client scenario about an organization that deployed Office 365 to 170,000 users and how it approached and solved these challenges

Who should attend: Business and IT Professionals who are responsible for Cloud technologies and business processes, Security Professionals, Records Managers, CIOs, CTOs, SharePoint Architects, SharePoint Administrators

To access the PowerPoint, please click here.