Exploring Automatic Metadata Generation Based on SharePoint Term Sets

John Challis,  Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Concept Searching

Many software products perform metadata capture and auto-classification, but SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online do not. Surveys indicate that the use of term sets is growing. Ideally, auto-classification of content to a taxonomy or to the SharePoint Term Store should be automatic and synchronized in real time.

This approach enables modification and fine tuning of data in a robust, secure, enterprise solution, which automatically populates term sets and eliminates the significant amount of development time typically needed. This session will discuss the different approaches to metadata generation – such as statistical, linguistic, and machine learning. And it will explore how automatically generating metadata adds value to all your SharePoint content, and automatically populates managed metadata properties.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of metadata based on SharePoint term set structures.
  • How you can manage term set GUIDs between farms.
  • The relationship between managed metadata properties in SharePoint and document properties in Office documents.
  • How to improve findability, regardless of which version of SharePoint you are using.
  • What considerations you should give to scalability.
Concept Searching