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What You Don’t Know May Hurt You – Achieving Insight and Knowledge Discovery

Think you are too busy and solutions too expensive? Take another look at how text analytics and mining can boost your bottom line, through insight and knowledge discovery. The technique is simple and the results will probably surprise you.

Stay one step ahead of the competition and find out what’s really in your content. Guest speaker Russ Stalters, information management strategist and former BP executive, explores real-life knowledge discovery scenarios, and discusses the significant return on investment achieved.

This session provides an overview of text analytics and mining, and how the appropriate solution can be used to extract and refine the dataset, by business professionals with no expertise in programming languages or databases.

The ease of use makes this concept-based searching solution ideal for organizations with analysts and knowledge workers, who need to capture live information to address issues and develop opportunities, and are not technically oriented.


Russ Stalters – Information Management Strategist at Clear Path Solutions
Carla Mulley – Vice President of Marketing at Concept Searching

Access the presentation slides here.

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