Webinar Explores How to Solve Problems Facing Records Managers Today

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Webinar Explores How to Solve Problems Facing Records Managers Today

Registration is open for the final webinar in Concept Searching’s Metadata-Driven World 2018 Webinar Series, Why You Need Metadata Driven Records Management webinar taking place on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

This session explores records management in Office 365 and SharePoint. It discusses the importance of metadata – in driving records, the synergy with classification labels in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, and how it is part of effective records management.

The role of the records manager has seen significant changes over the past few years. Many organizations still rely on end users to correctly tag documents of record, which is often erroneous or haphazard, risking noncompliance infractions, privacy and sensitive information exposures, and eDiscovery complications.

All Concept Searching webinars this year have focused on the use of intelligent metadata to improve any application that requires metadata, and its records management solution will be of value to any staff member who interacts with a records management application.

The past few years have seen incredible technology changes that can provide significant value to the records manager. The conceptClassifier platform is one of these technologies. With the ability to generate multi-term metadata, auto-categorize content and easily manage it through interactive taxonomy tools, it solves a host of problems and streamlines the role of the records manager.

Concept Searching invites all those interested to register for the webinar, and all webinar recordings can be accessed at any time from the Recorded Webinars area of Concept Searching’s website.

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