Waiting for the ball to drop? This isn’t Times Square.

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Waiting for the ball to drop? This isn’t Times Square.

I just reviewed ’29 Warning Signs of Digital Disruption’ recently published by AIIM and produced by John Mancini. Since I am into research I found it fascinating. The slides were in reference to their AIIM surveys conducted to identify ‘global’ challenges many organizations face.

The statistics that I found particularly interesting include:

  • 71% of organizations recognize that search is vital or essential, yet only 18% have cross-repository search capabilities
  • 38% of organizations have not tuned or optimized their search tool at all, including 8% who have not even switched it on
  • 47% of organizations feel that universal search and compliant eDiscovery is becoming near impossible
  • 53% of organizations admit that their legal discovery procedures are “ad hoc, manual, disruptive, and expensive”
  • 42% of organizations struggle with unstructured inputs and connecting them to key business systems

The issue that I see, based on the presentation, is that organizations recognize the problem with information access, but are content to live with it. What I don’t know is why. As a software vendor with search solutions, the bullets can be relatively easily resolved. We can supply the technology but it is up to the organization to perform due diligence, planning, and the execution. Not easy, but if an organization could resolve just the above search challenges, would it be worth it? I think so.
I’m not sure what these organizations are waiting for? Do you?

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