Waikato Institute of Technology Adding Intelligence to Unstructured Content

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Waikato Institute of Technology Adding Intelligence to Unstructured Content

Waikato Institute of  Technology (Wintec) has selected Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™ including conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow to support its SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search enterprise deployment.

Wintec, known as a technology leader in the tertiary education sector within New Zealand is in the process of migrating content to its new SharePoint 2010 platform. Understanding the value of semantic metadata Wintec undertook a review of available technologies and selected conceptClassifier for SharePoint based on a number of criteria including the maturity of the company and product, the tight integration with SharePoint and FAST, the ability to apply and automate policies based on metadata and the ability to add intelligence to the migration process, again driven by automatic semantic metadata generation.

Said Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching, “The Waikato Institute of Technology was an especially important win for Concept Searching. We won head-to-head with a major competitor, who is based in Waikato and was available to WINTEC on-site. The fact that Concept Searching was able to deliver a remote service offering to illustrate the strengths of the technology; win the award and implement remotely is a testament to the hard work we have put into the platform and further justifies our position as the leading semantic metadata generation, auto-classification and taxonomy management solution in the SharePoint eco system.”

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