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Using Metadata-Driven Taxonomies to Solve Business Problems

Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Time:  11:30am-12:15pm EST

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Always a popular topic, this webinar shows the features and functions that transform traditional taxonomy building into a high-value suite of interactive tools, to simplify content management and drive business processes.

Michael Paye, our Chief Technology Officer, shows the taxonomy building process with conceptTaxonomyManager, using automatically generated semantic metadata, and illustrating how easy it is to add taxonomy nodes manually.

Not technical? No problem. The product is designed for subject-matter experts, requires little training, and enables productivity from the day that auto-classification begins. Seeing is believing.

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Metadata Truth – Fact or Fiction?
A philosophical question, what is ‘metadata truth?’ I saw that term and it stuck in my head. There is definitely a difference between low-quality and high-quality metadata, but is metadata truth achievable, so that it provides a consistent understanding across applications that use metadata to define the context and knowledge of the asset? Can metadata be accurate if used across multiple applications? Can one go overboard on metadata to document every possible use scenario? Read more about this topic…

Taxonomy in the Dark
Anyone can read about taxonomies, and really they are not that hard to understand. We’re not talking about technologies, just getting the gist of what a taxonomy is. But it is still amazing how many organizations are pretty much in the dark about developing and managing one. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many companies on the other end of the spectrum that could teach courses on best practices for taxonomy development. But right now I am focusing on the many that don’t know where to begin. Some are still unsure if they even need a taxonomy. Read more about this topic…

The Need for a Taxonomy
With an ever-growing amount of enterprise information, the need for a taxonomy to improve information retrieval has never been greater. A taxonomy, or classification structure, is simply a hierarchical view of topics that have been grouped together because they share the same quality or characteristic. Classification can refer to either the process of defining categories and classification structure or to the process of assigning documents to their appropriate categories within the taxonomy. A taxonomy provides a unified view, and access to relevant information across often dispersed silos of information. Read more about this topic…

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