Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

The dark side of the Internet has hackers slowly and insidiously wreaking havoc, and demanding bitcoins. It is in its infancy and I can’t imagine where it is going to go.

Mobile ransomware alone increased by 350% in Quarter 1, 2017, according to the Kasperksy Lab Malware Report. I also wonder what these hackers are like. Obviously they are near genius technically, but why direct energies to an endeavor where you may, hopefully, be caught? I guess maybe a lot of it is the thrill and satisfaction of pulling it off without getting caught. We already know that the price to get your data back will continue to rise. Right now, they are just testing the water.

On the other side of the coin, how are enterprises coping and improving security when this type of attack could happen? If the target organization is a manufacturing plant, that can have negative repercussions, but when it is a hospital, patients may be drastically impacted.

So what are organizations doing? A recent report by Sapio Research represented this conflict as a case of those organizations being, “gravely optimistic about their ability to deter or cope with malicious attacks, despite the majority experiencing a breach over the last year and nearly one-fourth experiencing more than 10.” I am wondering how they can feel gravely optimistic after being attacked.

I am also not sure why organizations are not looking at solutions. Complacency I guess. Since almost all of them experienced a breach, they would want to avoid one in the future, you would think.

Our solutions address vulnerabilities as content is created or ingested, in real time, and quarantine the content for review. Outside the norm, our software identifies the context within the content, meaning that it extracts and understands concepts, phrases, and entities.

Has your organization been hacked? If so, what was the internal reaction? Did you put new security solutions and processes in place because of it? Are they working?

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