Trusted Staff and Partners? Think Again About Data Breaches

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Trusted Staff and Partners? Think Again About Data Breaches

Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Time: 11:30am-12:15pm EDT

  • If you think you already have enough on your plate trying to manage the bad guys outside your organization, how are you handling the bad guys inside? Think Tesla. Did you know your staff and partners are the weakest and most overlooked link in your security plan?

    This educational and informative webinar examines the growing problem of internally generated data breaches.

    The average Office 365 organization has 72 business partners. All it takes is one partner to unknowingly infect your organization and spread malware to other unsuspecting partners. Think Target.

    What about harmless insiders who generously share their user IDs and passwords with others?  Or lax administrators who grant authority but don’t remove it? The session discusses the problems, ramifications, and solutions to manage the bad guys, regardless of where they come from.

    We explore the tools you need, and discuss how the solution you implement must also include those staff responsible for your channel strategy and partner support. And we explain best practices and how to involve the right people, to reduce risk and avoid potentially harmful repercussions.

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