Triune Group Delivers Intelligent Search

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Triune Group Delivers Intelligent Search

Concept Searching and Triune Group Increase Search Quality with Intelligent Search Solution. Concept Searching is pleased to be working with Triune Group, developer of KnowledgeNow, to deliver an integrated intelligent search and classification capability.

A Concept Searching integration partner, Triune Group helps organizations to successfully implement knowledge sharing technologies and processes. The company has developed a successful Knowledge Management methodology framework, leveraged to help some of the largest organizations in the world increase collaboration and knowledge sharing, tying collaboration to current business objectives.

Triune Group has integrated its extensive Knowledge Management expertise and technology solutions with Concept Searching’s intelligent search and classification capability. Find full details in the Triune Group Case Study.

“Due to Concept Searching’s straightforward design, integration into our environment was very easy and we were able to provide much more than a basic search results list; we were able to categorize the search results by content type – documents, forums, communities, people, action items and wikis,” commented Douglas Book, President and CEO, Triune Group.

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