Top Blogs of 2018 Reflect Views of Analysts and Knowledge Professionals

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Top Blogs of 2018 Reflect Views of Analysts and Knowledge Professionals

Concept Searching has compiled the list of its most read blogs in 2018. Readership of Concept Searching’s blog, Smart Content Discussions, has grown significantly over the past eight years and is read by IT and business personnel from a variety of industries.

The blog focuses on Concept Searching’s areas of expertise, communicating all aspects of managing unstructured content through the generation of business-critical metadata. This metadata is then used to improve any application or business process that requires its use. Covering technology as a business enabler, the blog discusses a broad range of topics.

“Our blog enables us to remove the communication barriers typically found in sales situations. It allows us to explore the obstacles and enablers that both business and technical professionals are presented with daily,” said Martin Garland, President of Concept Searching. “This information is invaluable to us, as all product development is driven by our clients, blog readers, and prospects. The needs of most organizations and the recommendations of analysts and pundits are often not aligned. Smart Content Discussions gives us the opportunity to explore the real requirements.”

Many of the archived blogs are frequently accessed. The 2018 blogs most read and commented on include the following:

Concept Searching