The Tricks of the Trade – Enterprise Search

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The Tricks of the Trade – Enterprise Search

I’ve commented on this before, but the pendulum of enterprise search is moving, in my view, the wrong direction. In an effort to compete, vendors are delivering bells and whistles, that don’t necessarily improve enterprise search, in fact, can degrade the accuracy and relevancy of search to fit the current assumptions of what business users need and want.

At the end of the day, what they want is the ability to find the information they are seeking, in the right context, as quickly as possible. The ability to ‘like’, ‘rank’, ‘action terms’, ‘promoted results’, and automatically return these documents in a higher order has removed accuracy and relevancy from the search game.

Do business users get bogged down in the tricks of the trade so to speak, and therefore become less productive? What do you think of these bells and whistles? Do your business users see them as valuable? Are these features able to deliver high accuracy and relevancy?

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