The Role of the User Interface in Enterprise Search

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The Role of the User Interface in Enterprise Search

I find it interesting that people are very familiar with the ins and outs of Google, Facebook, and other Internet based search and social communications. We expect this computer savvy to carry over to the Enterprise. But, often it doesn’t. Maybe it does for the younger generations, but I think I even doubt that. I hate to pick on my husband, but he is a whiz on his iPad but stumbles on his company’s ERP system. Enterprise applications carry a different responsibility in processing information correctly and accurately all the time. And often, they are not necessarily user friendly.

In Enterprise Search, the user interface is extremely important. Business users don’t understand why it doesn’t work like Google. Enterprise search requires more formal and advanced operational skills as opposed to the Internet. Enterprise search can be frustrating, time-consuming, and many times doesn’t provide the information in the context in which you were seeking. According to a paper written by van Deursen & van Dijk; 2009, 55% of Internet users selected the wrong information 1 or more times.

In a business environment, that doesn’t bode well for decision making, or productivity.

More on this topic later. WDYT?

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