The Nitty-Gritty of Data Discovery and Classification 

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Data Classification

The Nitty-Gritty of Data Discovery and Classification 

Check us out and see our conceptClassifier platform in action at Ignite at Booth 212.

We index your data, classify it, and identify security vulnerabilities on the fly, in real time. Looking for more automation? We provide the ability to redact, quarantine, and notify for action to be taken.

Why is this the optimal approach? We index all your data using the insight engine, extracting the terms, subjects, topics, and concepts at a granular level, not just address the auditing and management of security and permissions.

How does your organization benefit? Automatic identification of data privacy and sensitive information, removal of compliance exceptions, and effective file analytics, to name just a few good uses.

Join us and see for yourself why a leading research firm named Concept Searching as one of the 11 most significant file analytics vendors.

Concept Searching