The Fall of Email?

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The Fall of Email?

Everyone loves email, except if you are a Millennial – that’s someone between 20 and 40 years old. Why are there so many of us old fogies out there? Texting is in. My issue is that the words are too small to read on my phone and my fingers don’t work, and I am an expert typist.

The problem with email is that no one reads it. Yes, sorry to say that all those emails you labored on and are sending are only opened by one third of recipients. All the others are deleted. Yet texting has a 98+ open rate. So why aren’t all businesses texting instead of emailing, and are wasting time writing notes no one reads? Good question. I don’t know the answer.

But I could speculate. 67% of businesses would like to text. The workforce, except for people like me, would love to text from a cell phone. One of the issues I see is the IT team. Cell phones aren’t safe. No, I am not chicken little, but it does open a can of worms.

71% of businesses don’t have mobile connectivity. That could be another issue. Can’t get it to work via the phone unless it is on your dime. The IT team could consider it too much work, and maybe they are right. They would need to worry about all the cell phones, in addition to everything else they have to deal with.

Management might worry about what is being texted and how they track it. Not a great company if it tracks your emails, but since no one opens emails then this activity could be much quicker.

I just don’t know why companies don’t text. I read an article where a company decreased email by 60% over three years. What wasn’t explained is what that saved in terms of time, increased in productivity, and reduced in terms of servers. If people don’t use email, what do they use?

Another dying medium is voicemail, but we will save that for another day. Does your company let you use cell phones? Do you think that is a boon for communication?

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