The Challenge of Cloud – Social

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The Challenge of Cloud – Social

In an AIIM research study, Information governance – records, risks and retention in the litigation age, one of the subjects discussed is the management of social content. The big push by the likes of Microsoft for the cloud (Office 365) and social/collaboration type tools is opening a big gap in information governance. What the AIIM study found was, “the problem regarding social content is the sheer volumes involved. It’s also hard to capture and read. However, 37% of respondents agreed that there are important social interactions that are not being saved or archived. Indeed, less than 15% of organisations include social postings in their retention schedules.”

This isn’t a discussion on the pros and cons of social/collaboration, we can save that for another day. The issue which is significantly growing is the gaping hole left in eDiscovery and litigation. The cloud is an ideal venue for collaboration as well as social applications, connecting various internal and external stakeholders to information and can improve the bottom line in any organization when used correctly.

In this increasingly litigious age, recent lawsuits have illustrated that ‘social’ content is admissible and must be treated as any organizational record. Even if information is posted from the organization and may be personal to the end user that is also admissible evidence.

In an ARMA/Forrester Study in 2011, “It’s suggested training would help employees grasp any obligations they accept regarding postings related to sensitive company information. Employees also need to be made aware of how social media is exploited by criminals for purposes of spear-phishing aimed at compromising the entire organization.”

Since cloud applications such as Office 365 are aimed at changing the game for social and collaboration use, how did this, or will this impact your control and management of the volumes of unstructured content generated by these applications?

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