The Challenge of Cloud – Search

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The Challenge of Cloud – Search

Search isn’t a cloud problem, it’s just a problem that never seems to go away. Several years ago, the marketplace was littered with search vendors (most of who have gone away or been acquired). Then, suddenly search was no longer a big deal and it was pretty much quiet in the search marketplace. I don’t know if organizations felt ‘been there, done that’, live with we have. Anyway, as a search vendor we have seen a much bigger priority being spent on improving search, for internal use as well as for B2C sites within the past year or so.

Many organizations do recognize the importance of search and will change their search engine, often more frequently than is necessary, others just try to make do with what they have. But the reason for deploying a new search solution should not be to obtain new search features (although nice to haves), but to improve the relevance and accuracy of information retrieved from an unorganized morass of content.

The primary reason for poor search results is the lack of metadata associated with the content, and the inability to relate content in one system to similar or equivalent content in another system. Without meaningful metadata, content will remain unmanaged and will lose context and value.

Your search is only as good as your metadata. It’s as simple as that. Metadata identifies what words and phrases are meaningful and in what context. There are several search vendors who do a very good job. Our approach is to automatically generate conceptual metadata and supply the relevant terms to the search engine index, resulting in more accurate and relevant search results.

Building an enterprise metadata repository enables metadata to be used by many applications, just not search but records management, data privacy, migration, text analytics, and collaboration/social.

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