The Challenge of Cloud – Content Migration

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The Challenge of Cloud – Content Migration

Migration in one way or the other is usually a mess, even if it’s a little messy it doesn’t always go as planned. Migration of unstructured content can be a laborious and time consuming project. The challenge is that documents can exist in multiple places at the same time, different revisions of the same document exist, some documents should be deleted, and others should be archived. There may be records that were never declared, as well as confidential or privacy information that will not be identified when migrated. The ability to mass move content is relatively straight forward. However, from an information governance approach, mass moving content results in the same problem of mismanaged content.

Ok, a direct product pitch. What we do, as content is migrated it is analyzed for organizationally defined descriptors and vocabularies (concepts), which will automatically classify the semantic metadata to taxonomies and automatically apply organizationally defined workflows to process the content to the appropriate repository for review and disposition.

Despite the direct product pitch, how do you solve content migration challenges? What worked and what did not work? What would you change in the future? I am curious to discover when moving to the cloud, did this change the approach?

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