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Webinar Registration: Eliminating Manual Tagging at AllRegs by Ellie Mae

This is a recorded webinar. To watch the webinar, please click here. To download the presentation, please click here

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‘Metadata Matters – Eliminating End User Tagging in AllRegs by Ellie Mae’ is accessible as a recorded webinar This session will benefit any organization that experiences challenges in search and findability due to poor end user tagging.…

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Concept Searching Announces 2015 Metadata Matters Webinar Series

Concept Searching Announces 2015 ‘Metadata Matters’ Webinar Series

Concept Searching, a global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, and developer of the Smart Content Framework™, is pleased to announce its 2015 Webinar Series, ‘Metadata Matters’.…

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Using Text Analytics in SharePoint or Office 365

This is a recorded webinar. To view all recorded webinars, please click here.

Concept Searching and Enterprise Knowledge, LLC are hosting a webinar on text analytics in SharePoint or Office 365.…

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Text Analytics – How to Get from Here to There

We hear from quite a few prospects (and clients) that they would like to perform text analytics on their unstructured and semi-structured content. All well and good. However, the reason they are our prospects is that they have an issue with search and want to improve it.…

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Change Your Search to Find Webinar Registration Now Open

Recorded webinars can be accessed here.…

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Concept Searching SharePoint and Office 365 Webinar on Information Governance

This is a recorded webinar. Please access recorded webinars here.

How to Get Started and Why: Information Governance for SharePoint and Office 365 Webinar on August 19th

Concept Searching is hosting the webinar, ‘How to get started and why: Information Governance for SharePoint and Office 365,’ on Tuesday, August 19th at 11:30am-12:30pm EDT.…

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Collaboration and Social Networking in SharePoint and Office 365

I believe in the past three years, I have once made a vendor pitch about anything, but I am making an exception. We have seen an upsurge in business social networking and the use of collaboration. This webinar should be a good primer on approaching these two topics as ‘business’ applications, best practices, user interface design, and achieving quantifiable business results.…

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70% of All Data Breaches are Due to Your Own Staff – Webinar

Concept Searching and CipherPoint, the first provider of transparent data encryption solutions for SharePoint, are sponsoring the joint webinar ‘Data Breaches and Security Rights in SharePoint’, on Tuesday, April 29th at 11:30 – 12:30 EDT. Registration is now open for this practical webinar focusing on SharePoint and security challenges.…

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Climbing the Slippery Slope of SharePoint Migrations

This is now a recorded webinar. Please access Recorded Webinars here.

In this webinar, a focus on both technical and business issues will be discussed. Portal Solutions will provide best practices and approaches based on its expertise, and will explore the business case for how migration adds value and delivers ROI.

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Microsoft and Concept Searching Webinar – Search and Information Governance

I rarely do a blatant product pitch, but Microsoft and Concept Searching are hosting a joint one hour webinar on Tuesday, February 18th. The Microsoft Senior Product Manager of Enterprise Search will join us to discuss the current movement to the cloud, roadmap for SharePoint search, and we will tie in Information Governance issues in both environments such as search, records management, security, and migration.…

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