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Leveraging the SharePoint Term Store

For years no one wanted to have anything to do with the Term Store, thinking how ‘hands-on’ it was. Why make extra work? But I guess it started to grow on people and now we receive deployment questions quite often, usually from organizations that want to leverage their SharePoint investment and need accurate search results.…

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Managing Metadata in SharePoint Can Be a Pain in the You Know What

I am writing blogs aligned with our next webinar Going Meta in SharePoint – Tricks of the Trade, and am somewhat incredulous. Creating term sets can require a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time.…

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SharePoint Folders

The Battle Rages – SharePoint Folders Versus Metadata

I am a huge proponent of metadata. Even though we generate metadata as a business, I will go so far as to say that any metadata is a good thing, even if we didn’t create it. Yet how do I approach managing my own content?…

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Term Store

Using the Term Store – Where the Heck Do I Start?

The Term Store has experienced a slow adoption rate. If you don’t invest in a tool to deal with content that is generated and ingested, the Term Store is the best thing available. To clarify, the Term Store is not a taxonomy and can’t be used in that way.…

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SharePoint Term Store Management Made Easy – No really!

In our annual surveys, we’ve watched the use of Managed Metadata Services and use of the Term Store grown incrementally and slowly. This years’ survey showed the biggest jump, primarily focusing on managing content lifecycle management.…

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Taxonomies in SharePoint – Boon or Bust?

Managed Metadata Services, the term store, and term sets, are pretty basic for those few who are quite savvy with taxonomies. For those who aren’t, the whole process is somewhat unclear.…

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Concept Searching Announces October Webinar Schedule

Webinars are recorded and available for download. All upcoming webinars and recorded webinars – one time registration required for recorded webinars – can be accessed via the Concept Searching web site.…

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How To Webinar on Using Metadata to Automate Term Store Management on September 25th 2013

All recorded How To webinars can be accessed here.

This fifteen minute webinar will illustrate how Concept Searching technology easily and effectively manages the Term Store.

Concept Searching is sponsoring a webinar on ‘How To Manage the Term Store’ on Wednesday, September 25th, at 11:30-11:45 AM EDT.…

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The Trend Towards Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions in SharePoint

The development of an intelligent enterprise metadata framework provides flexibility, and enables organizations to implement governance policies and operations incrementally, with each step directly correlated to business value.…

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Strike, LLC, SharePoint 2013, and conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Concept Searching is pleased to welcome Strike,LLC as a new client. The organization is a leading North American provider of pipeline, facilities, fabrication, maintenance and integrity services to world renowned companies, delivering energy safely.…

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