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Data Breach or Exposure – It’s all up to you!

Unless you are responsible for security at your organization, a data breach or confidential data exposure isn’t on the top of the majority of business users minds when they come to work.…

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Eliminate Manual Tagging – pie in the sky? I think not.

Manual tagging, is still highly prevalent in many, if not in most organizations. Even with providing business users with the tags to select from a drop down list, the approach is haphazard at best.…

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Using Semantic Metadata in a Search Scenario

In my last blog, I brought up the question on the value of semantic metadata generation. Currently the jury is still out. This blog describes the impact of semantic metadata in a search scenario.…

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Moving to Office 365 – Let’s Get Social

For many organizations ‘social’ still means ‘unproductive’. I am actually maybe just too old fashioned but I also have my doubts about ‘social’. In Office 365 we have Yammer and I am betting my money on the fact that Microsoft will continue to improve the tool.…

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