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Collaboration – a Hot New Application? You’ve got to be Kidding Me!

There seems to be much more information regarding ‘collaboration’ as a hot topic. Perhaps because of the big push for Office 365? I really don’t know. I was wondering why collaboration is even a discussion item.…

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The Tricks of the Trade – Enterprise Search

I’ve commented on this before, but the pendulum of enterprise search is moving, in my view, the wrong direction. In an effort to compete, vendors are delivering bells and whistles, that don’t necessarily improve enterprise search, in fact, can degrade the accuracy and relevancy of search to fit the current assumptions of what business users need and want.…

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As bad as my enterprise search is – don’t mess with it

I know I have commented on this multiple times and have decided I will again. Just for the heck of it and because I still don’t understand the organizational decision making process where social influence is a ‘good’ thing in enterprise search.…

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Yammer – Putting the Cart before the Horse?

Is Microsoft’s Yammer a push for social or a hammer over the heads of customers stating we will indeed use Yammer? According to Jared Spataro, who heads the Office Division at Microsoft called it Microsoft’s ‘big bet’ for social.…

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