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eMail or Yammer? The battle of the Titans. Who’s going to win?

1Titans - eMail or Yammer? The battle of the Titans. Who’s going to win?Microsoft is committed to Yammer and its success. It will be available in SharePoint 2016 On-line. To push organizations towards Yammer Microsoft has almost silently removed a number of features available in the current version of SharePoint Online.…

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Hammer the Yammer

Hammer the YammerA week or so ago, I received an email from a Microsoft Yammer group that I belong to. The gist of the email offered prizes to individuals who used Yammer correctly. Basic usability, in other words, just don’t post to all, etc.…

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Word of the Day: ‘Holacracy’

I just read a great article, “Is Collaboration Limited by Social Structure’, by Deb Lavoy. In this article, she outlines four organizational models and the pluses and minuses for successful collaboration.…

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Social Business – Driven Top Down or Bottom Up? WDYT?

Along with Information Governance (IG), social intelligence, business social networking, Enterprise 2.0, whatever you choose to call it, is joining the ranks of popular topics of discussion.…

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Collaboration and Social Networking in SharePoint and Office 365

I believe in the past three years, I have once made a vendor pitch about anything, but I am making an exception. We have seen an upsurge in business social networking and the use of collaboration. This webinar should be a good primer on approaching these two topics as ‘business’ applications, best practices, user interface design, and achieving quantifiable business results.…

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Collaboration – a Hot New Application? You’ve got to be Kidding Me!

There seems to be much more information regarding ‘collaboration’ as a hot topic. Perhaps because of the big push for Office 365? I really don’t know. I was wondering why collaboration is even a discussion item.…

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eMail Security in the Cloud – are you afraid (I am)?

Social – the cure all to productivity, instant communication, effective collaboration. Are you on board yet? I still read conflicting accounts about the adoption rate of ‘social’ within an enterprise.…

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Enterprise Search, Information Glut, and Patience

CS DontKnow - Enterprise Search, Information Glut, and PatienceDon’t you wish sometimes your enterprise search engine could tell you that it doesn’t understand what the heck you are asking for?
Although the following is from 2009, which is probably leap years in technology, “Using the Internet: Skill Related Problems in User Online Behavior”; van Deursen & van Dijk the following statistics were generated:

  • Searchers do not know “how to search”
  • 56% constructed poor queries
  • Proficiency with the machine does not translate into proficiency with the software
  • Searchers get lost in the data
  • 33% had difficulty navigating/orienting search results
  • 28% had difficulty maintaining orientation on a website
  • Loss of capacity for discernment
  • 36% did not go beyond the first 3 search results (not pages…results on page 1)
  • 91% did not go beyond the first page of search results
  • 55% selected irrelevant results 1 or more times

I personally think that enterprise search is actually even harder to use.…

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Bye bye Baby Boomers – Don’t be left without the right answer

Many industries are facing the loss of knowledge workers and are challenged with capturing the inherent expertise gained from years of employee experience. For many industries it is suggested that they will be impacted greatly as the workforce transitions.…

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The Challenge of Cloud – Social

In an AIIM research study, Information governance – records, risks and retention in the litigation age, one of the subjects discussed is the management of social content. The big push by the likes of Microsoft for the cloud (Office 365) and social/collaboration type tools is opening a big gap in information governance.…

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