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I’m on Facebook and Twitter 10 hours per day – My opinion? My lips are sealed.

I recently wrote a blog regarding the use of social tools and the challenges of adoption versus training. A tantalizing social study I recently ran across was conducted the Pew Research Center in conjunction with Rutgers University in New Jersey.…

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Word of the Day: ‘Holacracy’

I just read a great article, “Is Collaboration Limited by Social Structure’, by Deb Lavoy. In this article, she outlines four organizational models and the pluses and minuses for successful collaboration.…

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Social Business – Driven Top Down or Bottom Up? WDYT?

Along with Information Governance (IG), social intelligence, business social networking, Enterprise 2.0, whatever you choose to call it, is joining the ranks of popular topics of discussion.…

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Collaboration and Social Networking in SharePoint and Office 365

I believe in the past three years, I have once made a vendor pitch about anything, but I am making an exception. We have seen an upsurge in business social networking and the use of collaboration. This webinar should be a good primer on approaching these two topics as ‘business’ applications, best practices, user interface design, and achieving quantifiable business results.…

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