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Content Management

How Much Bloated Content Are You Carrying Around? Get Rid of It

A client of ours was having problems with sluggishness and poor performance on one of its servers. Time to spend more money on hardware? One of our professional services staff suggested the client clean up its content.…

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Cloud Security

Got a Handle on Cloud Security in SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Yammer? What about Compliance and Records Management Infractions?

The average organization uploads 1.37 TB of data to Yammer, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive each month. That’s the equivalent of 120 million pages of Word documents. And this is only going to increase.…

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SharePoint - Metadata Magic? At Best, Sleight of Hand

Metadata Magic? At Best, Sleight of Hand

I was rereading some of the commentaries from the last Microsoft Ignite conference, and happened upon one about metadata that I had forgotten about. The author was touting the addition of a prompt for end users to add metadata.…

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Concept Searching and C/D/H Form Strategic Partnership

Concept Searching and technology consulting company C/D/H partnership agreement develops strategic relationship in the Midwestern United States and focus on Engineering Search

This partnership extends Concept Searching’s sales, marketing, and service delivery capability in the Midwest, while combining Concept Searching’s expertise in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management and C/D/H’s expertise and experience in building content intelligence search platforms, supporting the Engineering Search solution.…

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The World’s Oldest Profession – Time for a Revival?

A short digression into a history lesson. Some 1,800 years ago, a man named Aristotle came up with what is now called the ‘world’s oldest profession’, taxonomies. He had the idea of a taxonomy for plants and animals.…

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conceptClassifier for SharePoint to Provide the Metadata Framework for Asset Management Firm

Bain Capital one of the world’s leading private, alternative asset management firms, with approximately $80 billion in assets under management has chosen conceptClassifier for SharePoint to provide the metadata framework for its Intranet to improve search.…

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Stepping it up a notch: Business Critical Metadata

Surprisingly the disconnect still exists in the understanding of metadata from an IT versus a business point of view. Management and business folks want to see the bottom line, and really don’t care how IT gets there.…

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Are Your Compliance Challenges Sinking the Boat?

“More than 100,000 international laws and regulations are potentially relevant to Forbes Global 1000 companies—ranging from financial disclosure requirements to standards for data retention and privacy.

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Visual Information Governance – Not so fast

Although we develop highly sophisticated classification software and address information governance, I am going to share an article on a new company, with a technology for classification using visualization.…

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SharePoint Problems? Whose problem is it?

I haven’t read the whole research paper yet, SharePoint and Market Intelligence Clouding the Issues, which was underwritten by Kodak (registration is required) and conducted by AIIM, but what caught my eye was that over 40% felt that an on-going problem was achieving uniformity of classification and metadata structures in SharePoint.…

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