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Don’t you wish everyone had a data breach?

What a terrible title. If I read one more article about a data breach, and the sometimes enormous costs associated with remediation, I just cringe. I just read one now. The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCD), governing board has approved an additional $300,000 for records management and $2.3 million in lawyers’ fees to deal with last year’s data breach that exposed 2.4 million current and former MCCCD students’ and employees’ personal information.” They had estimated the costs at $7 million and it’s now up to $17.1 million.

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Data Privacy in the Cloud – Emotional or Factual?

I read an interesting article, ‘Cloud Concerns: Survey Reveals Some Counter-Intuitive Results‘, based on a survey by Saugatuck’s 2013 Cloud Survey. What was rather a twist, it included global responses as well as responses from companies ranging from small to large, which revealed a difference in concerns – which would seem logical.…

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