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Is Email Costing Your Organization $8,000 or $15,173 Per Year Per Employee?

According to IDC, the average knowledge worker spends 7 hours per week doing email chores, such as replying, filing, trying to find attachments – a particularly frustrating activity for me.…

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Let’s Recreate the Wheel, Again and Again

Information creation is an interesting topic. According to IDC, employees spend 2.5 hours per day duplicating or recreating work that’s already been done, and the cost is $5,000 per employee per year.…

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ROT, Dirty, Dark, Garbage – Is it worth 12% of your revenues?

Creeping into the IT news lately has been the subject of cleaning up data, either archiving or deleting it. Not sure why this is such a hot topic as one would have thought that most organizations were doing this all along.…

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