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Secure Collaboration

Yes, Yet Another Survey

Every year, for the past five years, we have published a survey for SharePoint and now Office 365 professionals.

It’s surprisingly eye-opening. Interestingly, the answers given sometimes mirror the views of analysts and pundits, while at other times the responses are totally unexpected.…

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Collaboration at its Finest

I came across some snippets of information about the effectiveness of collaboration. I thought I would share what I found, as it was rather interesting.

  • Collaboration is 34% less effective when done via video conference
  • Collaboration is 52% less effective when done via phone
  • Collaboration is 71% less effective when done via literally yelling across a divide
  • 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project
  • Your staff spend an average of 74 minutes a week trying to contact customers or colleagues.
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So You Want to Collaborate?

Collaboration is as unique as each individual. What I regard collaboration to be might never occur to you, and vice versa.

You may even define collaboration differently at different times, depending on the situation.…

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Collaboration - Collaboration as a Phase in Achieving Innovation Management

Collaboration as a Phase in Achieving Innovation Management

When considering the continuum of collaboration vehicles and performance outcomes in an organization, it’s important to look before you run.

The ultimate goal is Innovation Management, but few companies ever reach that pinnacle of success.…

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45 years and still going strong! Email isn’t going anywhere soon.

1email - 45 years and still going strong! Email isn’t going anywhere soon.I get too many emails. I bet I don’t hear anyone who disagrees with me. Most are irrelevant. All in all, very time-consuming. One of the many benefits promoted by the business social revolution is the ability to cut down, dare we say do away with, email.…

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Microsoft's Sense of Humor?

I had overlooked an email from The Washington Post, and to get it out of my inbox I decided to read it. The article refers to an infographic that was published by Microsoft. Supposedly gone viral, if you haven’t seen it, I do find it disturbing, the author calls it ‘terrifying’.…

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BYOD? How About BYOA?

It appears that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has now given way to Bring Your Own Application (BYOA). Ovum, recently released the results of a survey that reported that 89% of the 5,187 full-time mobile employees use consumer synch and storage tools at work, despite the security risks.…

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Concept Searching and PPC Webinar on Maximizing Productivity and Innovation with Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Architecture

All Recorded Webinars can be accessed here.

Concept Searching is pleased to announce the first webinar in the 2013 Expert Webinar Series hosted jointly with PPC, entitled ‘Maximizing Productivity and Innovation with Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Architecture’, taking place on May 21st.…

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Information Overload a Real Problem

I just read an article based on a study from Hitachi Data Systems that companies are drowning under an information deluge. According to the article it is causing increased levels of stress and psychological illness, costing billions in lost productivity.  The report found 81% of companies surveyed now considered it important to manage data growth, up from 68% two years ago.…

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