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Do we need a Hans Brinker for Office 365 Security or is the flood unstoppable?

As a matter of fact, the story of the little boy who stopped a leaking dyke and saved the town from a flood, wasn’t really named Hans Brinker. The poor little guy was never given a name in the story, and readers got confused and called him Hans Brinker (of the silver skate’s fame).…

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What do Barclay’s Bank, Target, Drupal, the Federal Reserve, Disney, and Apple all have in common?

Not exactly a brain teaser. I think we all know, it’s the insidious data breach. Cyber security, data breaches (either internal or external) should be a top priority in every CTO’s playbook.…

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The Three Monthly Questions to Ask, and Answer, About Your SharePoint Data Security

CipherPoint is a partner of Concept Searching. This blog is well worth the read and provides value to any SharePoint organization concerned with security.

The following blog was posted on the CipherPoint web site.

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