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Concerned about compliance? Plan for the great purge.

Compliance is becoming more complicated and time consuming. More than 100,000 international laws and regulations are potentially relevant to Forbes Global 1000 companies. It’s no wonder that more and more organizations are facing non-compliance issues and more litigation.…

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Walking the Tightrope of Cloud Security

1CloudSecurity - Walking the Tightrope of Cloud SecurityInteresting article, To Err Is Human; to Indemnify, Divine?: Human Foibles in the Cloud, authored by Tanya Forsheit, and published in Data Privacy Monitor, that looked at both the enterprise and the cloud provider for owning responsibility of security in the cloud.…

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Metadata Matters – To Cloud or Not to Cloud? That is the question

To cloud or not to cloud. That is the question. The cloud is most certainly the future but perhaps not just yet plug and play.  In a recent KPMG survey, ‘Enabling Business in the Cloud’, the concerns of moving to the cloud are still not diminishing.…

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